Innovative Approaches on What To Do With Cashflow

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If your business works on longer customer payment terms and your credit control isn’t working or is non existent, you may benefit from accounts receivable financing or invoice finance. This flexible financing option can help you realise your business goals without worrying about delayed payments.

As a business owner, you need to ask yourself what you could do once you know you are getting paid on your invoices.

So, What Should I Do With My Advance?

Your funding advance can help you offset some operating costs, but it can also allow you to reach your full potential. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Take care of your payroll needs. You work hard to train and retain quality talent. Accounts receivable funding can provide you with peace of mind so you no longer have to worry about your cash flow. No longer do you have to arrange your day based on what the mail brings. Stop panicking about payroll, and know who is going to get paid and when.
  • Pay your taxes. Corporate taxes are a source of stress for many business owners. You may worry about facing penalties if you can’t foot the bill on time. HMRC, as we all know, never forgives a debt. With accounts receivable funding, you can get the funds you need now to pay off your debts without facing retribution.
  • Unlock new business opportunities. Some industries work on 30, 60, and even 120 day terms. When you’re faced with that kind of delayed turnaround, it can be hard to throw capital into a new business venture. With invoice finance, you have the cashflow needed to take on new projects. Establishing a line of credit in this manner allows your small business to stay afloat and take on projects that it never could before.

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