Optimism to heal the economy in 2021

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@Yell Research reveals optimism amongst SMEs for 2021 despite covid-19

In December 2020, Yell released new research into how small businesses have adapted to survive in light of Covid-19, revealing optimism amongst Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

The report found that 71% of small business owners were optimistic about the success of their business for 2021.

Deloitte have also released their economics monitor which sees an improving situation for the UK Economy in 2021. With a fast roll out of the Covid-19 vaccines, easing of the restrictions under which we find ourselves and warmer weather on the way, they see a bounce back starting in Q2 and getting stronger in Q3.

UK SME’s have an opportunity to plan for this improved economic situation. An invoice finance facility can assist with cashflow management and credit control leaving business owners to concentrate on what they do best.

At Regency, we can discuss your funding requirements to enable businesses to plan for this recovery.

To discuss the funding options available to your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 280 4220 or lynnew@regencyfactors.com

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