Cost Pressures at a 7 year high

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) released the Small Business Index (SBI) on Monday 24 Jan for the final quarter of 2021. The index fell for the third consecutive quarter showing a drop in confidence across most regions of the UK.

Over a fifth of respondents cited increased costs of production as an area of concern for Q4 2021, seeing rises of over 10% compared to Q4 2020 and over three quarters reporting an increase of any size. These costs, along with the influence on costs from utilities, fuel, labour costs and overall supply chain issues have meant that the UK SME community have found their financial positions stretched more than they were previously due to late payment of invoices.

The future of many businesses can be described as precarious. Getting cashflow through businesses is of vital import to their future as they can plan ahead. An invoice finance facility levels out the cashflow through a business allowing business owners and entreprenuers to sleep better at night, knowing that they don’t have to worry about their invoices being paid on time and paying their own costs.

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