Painless Ways to Save Money in Your Business

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Whilst building sales is usually the side of the business equation that gets most of your attention. Cutting costs will allow you to add to your bottom line, without losing staff or cutting down on the customer experience. We spoke to some of our clients who came up with some inventive ways to save money in their businesses.

Track Prices and Buy In Bulk

Office equipment and supplies don’t have sell by dates, you can save money on everything by buying when there are deep discounts on items. Use websites such as Keepa which tracks prices on Amazon and allows users to set up price trackers or idealo for none Amazon sites.

Buy Second-Hand Equipment!

You can save over 50 percent by buying used computer equipment, copiers and office furniture. You can try auctions, social media and newspaper classifieds for leads.

DIY Your Content Marketing

Make yourself the expert with content marketing or curate a few articles from your industry and commenting on them.

Get Free Forms

Instead of buying forms at your local office supply store or spending time creating them yourself, you can find tons of free forms online that you can download, customize, and print. Try Formville

Live in the cloud

Use cloud based software such as Sugar CRM where you pay per annual user for a client management system or G Suite for email, storage and communications. Using the cloud is agile and does not need costly equipment to use.


As your business grows, so does the admin. Rather than expanding your workforce, outsourcing can be a great solution.

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